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Capital City Records' Song of the Week podcast brings you a new track from an Edmonton artist each week, as selected by taste-makers here at home and abroad. The podcast is produced by CKUA Radio in partnership with the Edmonton Public Library.
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The Capital City Records podcast delivers a new song by an Edmonton artists, as selected by taste-makers here at home and abroad. The podcast is produced by CKUA, with help from the Edmonton Public Library.

Jul 20, 2017


This week’s episode features local impresario Dave Von Bieker and according to his web site he’s “your bow-tied tour guide to the other side”. He chats about the Lucas Chaisson song “My Lover and My Ghost” found on the record “Telling Time” as discovered on Capital City Records.

Produced by Grammy winner Colin Linden, "Telling Time" highlights Lucas’s strong songwriting, and very distinctive vocal delivery. An honest and confident songwriter, Lucas isn’t afraid to tread familiar ground with new eyes. When he is on stage, he is exactly where he is supposed to be.

Dave is the Founder/Artistic Director of the Bleeding Heart Art Space. Also a local musician, he talks about how “My Lover and My Ghost”, “…puts you in a zone”, and why it still strikes a positive chord with him years after its release.

Jul 13, 2017

This week’s podcast features Amy van Keeken, another artist on the Capital City Records website. She talks the group Switches, a fellow act on the electronic arm of the Edmonton Public Library.

Switches live up to the rep of the place they call home: a prairie city with big skies and big sound. The band straddles the worlds of ruthless garage-punk and gritty, sing-along rock.

Amy van Keeken is deep into the Edmonton music scene as a musician, singer, educator and broadcaster on both CJSR and CKUA. The Amy van Keeken Rock and Roll Sing Along experience is something to behold for people of all ages. She also has two solo releases on “Live Right” and “So Long. She can be heard as well as part of the group Dub Vulture also featured on the web site through the album “Brother Can You Spare A Gun”.

Jul 6, 2017

This week’s podcast features local writer and publisher Jason Norman chatting about the mellow sound of Tyler Butler. He talks about how the music is almost the ‘opposite of sound’ when seeing Tyler play live as a solo act.

The sea may be in his blood but the prairies are in his heart. Tyler Butler was born on Canada’s east coast but taps into his Alberta roots. Tyler seeks to understand what makes a true folk musician; scouring Canada to find those tireless troubadours who craft stories of the land, in turn creating place through their song.

Jason Norman is behind projects like the ’40 below” volumes one and two and the #yegwords Coffee Sleeves you may have seen around Edmonton. He’s very active on twitter under the handle @bellyofawhale .