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Capital City Records' Song of the Week podcast brings you a new track from an Edmonton artist each week, as selected by taste-makers here at home and abroad. The podcast is produced by CKUA Radio in partnership with the Edmonton Public Library.
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The Capital City Records podcast delivers a new song by an Edmonton artists, as selected by taste-makers here at home and abroad. The podcast is produced by CKUA, with help from the Edmonton Public Library.

Jul 20, 2017


This week’s episode features local impresario Dave Von Bieker and according to his web site he’s “your bow-tied tour guide to the other side”. He chats about the Lucas Chaisson song “My Lover and My Ghost” found on the record “Telling Time” as discovered on Capital City Records.

Produced by Grammy winner Colin Linden, "Telling Time" highlights Lucas’s strong songwriting, and very distinctive vocal delivery. An honest and confident songwriter, Lucas isn’t afraid to tread familiar ground with new eyes. When he is on stage, he is exactly where he is supposed to be.

Dave is the Founder/Artistic Director of the Bleeding Heart Art Space. Also a local musician, he talks about how “My Lover and My Ghost”, “…puts you in a zone”, and why it still strikes a positive chord with him years after its release.

Jul 13, 2017

This week’s podcast features Amy van Keeken, another artist on the Capital City Records website. She talks the group Switches, a fellow act on the electronic arm of the Edmonton Public Library.

Switches live up to the rep of the place they call home: a prairie city with big skies and big sound. The band straddles the worlds of ruthless garage-punk and gritty, sing-along rock.

Amy van Keeken is deep into the Edmonton music scene as a musician, singer, educator and broadcaster on both CJSR and CKUA. The Amy van Keeken Rock and Roll Sing Along experience is something to behold for people of all ages. She also has two solo releases on “Live Right” and “So Long. She can be heard as well as part of the group Dub Vulture also featured on the web site through the album “Brother Can You Spare A Gun”.

Jul 6, 2017

This week’s podcast features local writer and publisher Jason Norman chatting about the mellow sound of Tyler Butler. He talks about how the music is almost the ‘opposite of sound’ when seeing Tyler play live as a solo act.

The sea may be in his blood but the prairies are in his heart. Tyler Butler was born on Canada’s east coast but taps into his Alberta roots. Tyler seeks to understand what makes a true folk musician; scouring Canada to find those tireless troubadours who craft stories of the land, in turn creating place through their song.

Jason Norman is behind projects like the ’40 below” volumes one and two and the #yegwords Coffee Sleeves you may have seen around Edmonton. He’s very active on twitter under the handle @bellyofawhale .

Jun 29, 2017

Two weeks ago on the Capital City Records Podcast Lindsey Walker talked about Jesse and Dandelions and this week we turn things around as Jesse Northey, from Jesse and Dandelions, talks about the Consilience song “Walking Through a Dead Night”, a song which he recorded twice.

Consilience’s lead Tusy Hudson and the bands live off the floor version gives us a rawer feel to “Walking Through a Dead Night”. When Jesse Northey and Aidan Lucas-Buckland took over the rhythm section of Consilience in 2014 the band was able to create a different musical landscape.  

Jesse Northy is deep into the music scene in Edmonton and is working for Alberta Music. He takes us behinds the curtain of the production of both versions of “Walking Through a Dead Night”. Jee

Jun 22, 2017

This week’s episode looks at some straight up honest rock n’ roll as Dave Sawchuk weaves some kind words about Stepmothers’ song “Leave Your Light On”

Leave Your Light On 7" was recorded in one day in August 2012 by Devin Fortier, mixed by Devin Fortier and mastered by Stu Mckillop. Stepmothers have released four albums since 2012 with the latest being “Oh Here/We Are” in 2015.

Dave Sawchuk has been in radio for 18 years, having worked in Grande Prairie, Victoria and Edmonton. He loves straight up rock n’ roll, so have a listen to this week’s episode to find what legendary acts he connects to the local group Stepmothers.

Jun 15, 2017

This week’s podcast features two Capital City Records artists, Lindsey Walker, who has her album “Our Glory” is on Lindsey talks about Jesse and the Dandelions and how she loves driving and listening to “Looking at the Sun” along with the whole record “A Mutual Understanding”.


Jesse and the Dandelions is a 4 piece art/space pop band based in Edmonton Alberta, led by Jesse Northey. With Jesse and the Dandelions’ production value through the roof, their new album True Blue (2016) has classic synth and guitar textures that pay respect to the past. You can hear bits and pieces of the 2013 record in the new release.


Since 2011 Lindsey has toured extensively as a solo artist in Canada with half her heart in Alberta, and the other in her hometown of Winnipeg. Lindsey fell in love the band before meeting and getting know Jesse. The Edmonton music scene, which can feel like a big city, is really a small and loving community that has allowed Lindsey to know and love both the band and its leader.

Jun 8, 2017

This week’s podcast features a group that has been saving ska since '97. Ethnomusicology doctorate candidate, Kathleen Danser talks about how ska has been part of her most recent life journey how the Mad Bombers Society capture that extra rhythm of the genre.

Having toured Western Canada and playing locally at legendary venues like the Side Track Café, Mad Bomber Society has been playing ska for over 20 years. Their debut album A-tom-ic A-Go-Go was self-released in 2001. In the late-2000's they took a break and regrouped in 2011 for Whitehorse's Sunstroke Festival. The sophomore album Butchers, Stompers & Amp; Cheat was released in early-2012.

Kat Danser’s primary goal is “to use music as a space for personal exploration and as a method to strengthen communities”. She also holds a Masters in Musicology from the University of Alberta and has completed her PhD coursework toward a full doctorate in Musicology specializing in blues and roots music in the American South.

Jun 1, 2017

This week’s podcast features the baroque-pop duo F&M. Rebecca and Ryan Anderson, who together have chosen the song “Place to Hide” by Concealer.


Concealer combines musical traditions to create melodic and hypnotic Heavy Wave. Vue Weekly describes Concealer as “one of the stranger musical partnerships to have ever risen from the Edmonton music scene”.


F&M mix their individual talents to create an amalgam of folk, rock, classical and pop that’s intermingled with influences stemming from multiple cross-continent tours, and smattering of European adventures.


Concealer’s debut album fêted:fetid was released September 4, 2015 by Mark Davis’ Weatherbelle and experimental indie artist Rae Spoon’s Coax labels.

May 25, 2017

This week’s episode features Carrie Day and her song “Every Single Second” as chosen by Beth Portman.

Carrie is a classically trained pianist, who at 10 discovered music and went on to teach herself to play and read music on a second-hand organ and some tattered music books that her mom picked up at a garage sale.

Beth Portman has been part of the music scene in Edmonton for over 30 years including the legendary group ‘Juba’. Find out how she connects with this week’s feature song in a very personal way.

May 18, 2017

This week’s podcast features Dan Lenz from the Needle Vinyl Tavern chatting about Lyra Brown’s song, “Charming Walls.”

Lyra Brown is an Edmonton native who began learning piano and theory at age of 5 and was writing and singing her own songs in her early teens.

Lyra has performed at folk fests throughout Alberta, including Canmore, Calgary, and Edmonton and received four nominations at the 2016 Edmonton Music Awards.

Her new single is being released this June.

Like her first album, it will be presented by Dan Lenz at a release party, this time at the Needle Vinyl Tavern.

May 11, 2017

This week’s podcast features Mike Ross from talking about the Death By Robot song ‘American’t’.

Mike Ross was a professional musician who toured the continent during most of the '80s with various ridiculously-named bands that went nowhere. He has covered the local and international entertainment scene for some time and dives into the album ‘The Limbic System’ from 2014 as found on

Death By Robot delivers an Electro-Rock-SciFi sound seldom duplicated, with a focus on stimulating imagery and exhilarating live performances. They continue to propel themselves to new unexplored heights-a band inspired by the unknown, both here, and out there.

Have a listen and see how Mike describes the song and what he thinks it does to your ears…

May 3, 2017

This week’s podcast features Kennedy Jenson singing the praises of Edmonton Music Award Winner Colleen Rae’s song, “Look at Her Go.”

Kennedy Jenson, a graduate of the Music Program at the former Grant MacEwan College, has been part of the Alberta music scene for many years as an arts administrator and legendary music performer.

Her recent endeavours include running successful arts organizations and working with multiple arts-based projects in the Edmonton area.

In this podcast she mentions that “we are lucky that he lives here in Edmonton” referring to the producer of this week’s featured song.

Find out who Kennedy Jenson is talking about by downloading the podcast.